Pictures of The CDMS II Shield as it's Assembled

Our biggest headache thus far has been the non-uniformity of the polyethylene. Any one peice has uniform thickness, but thicknesses vary as much as one tenth of an inch from piece to piece.

Non-Uniformity of the Polyethylene
The Outer Polyethylene
The inner Polyethylene (8-23-99)
The Polyethylene Lid-prior to Construction (8-23-99)
Starting assembly of the Polyethylene Lid (10-13-99)
The Completed Polyethylene Lid (11-12-99)
A shot of the lifting hook (11-12-99)

This is a series of pictures showing the progress we've made in stacking the Doe Run & French lead. Unfortunately it's not a layer by layer record. A more detailed record will soon be available schematically elsewhere.

Progress in Stacking Lead Bricks
The first 2 bottom layers of Doe Run lead
Doe Run bottom layer #3 complete
The first layer of French Lead and arc bricks
A close up of the labeling scheme
The Mu Metal Shield in place (8-23-99)
Another View of the Mu Metal Shield (8-23-99)
Oops! Ran out of French Lead (8-23-99)
The Lead Lid with French Lead in place (10-11-99)
The Lead Lid w/ Doe Run Arc Bricks in place (11-12-99)
The Lead Lid w/ only 1 layer to go (11-17-99)
The Completed Lead Lid w/ lifting fixture attached (side view and top view) (1-10-00)
This is a series of pictures showing the lifting and setting into place of the Lead lid (11-19-99)
Shot #1
Shot #2
Shot #3
Shot #4
Shot #5
Shot #6
Shot #7
Shot #8
Shot #9
Shot #10

This series of picutres shows how we built around the c-stem using the Mu metal shield as a guide.

Making Way For The C-Stem
Carving into the French Lead
Cutting into the Doe Run arc bricks (8-23-99)
A close up (8-23-99)
A really nice shot (8-23-99)
Preparing the inner polyethylene to be cut (9-1-99)
After cutting the inner polyethylene (9-2-99)
Progress with the Doe Run Arc Bricks (9-14-99)
Doe Run Arc Bricks Completed (9-16-99)
A close up without the mu metal shield (9-16-99)
Cutting through the outer polyehtylene (9-28-99)
Outer Poly labelling scheme (11-17-99)

This series of pictures shows the progress we've made in building around the e-stem.

The E-Stem
One View (8-24-99)
Another View (8-24-99)
Cutting through the inner polyethylene (9-7-99)
Above shot with e-stem mu metal shield in place (9-7-99)
French Arc Bricks in place (9-14-99)
Preparing to cut the Doe Run Arc Bricks (9-16-99)
Doe Run Arc Bricks completed (9-28-99)
Outer Poly labelling scheme (left and right) (11-17-99)

This is a series of photos of the entire shield as it's being constructed.

The CDMS II Shield
As of 8-23-99
As of 9-1-99
As of 9-2-99
As of 9-7-99
As of 9-14-99
As of 9-28-99
As of 10-6-99
As of 10-13-99
As of 11-12-99 (w/ PI and grad student)
As of 11-17-99
Top View w/ out lids & a closeup (11-17-99)

Finally, here are some photos of the people involved and a few other random pics.

Ray Bunker & Dan Callahan testing the digital camara
Joel Sander and the c-stem
Wouldn't you like to work here (8-24-99)
A front view of Kohn Hall (8-24-99)
Dave Hale looking serious
Dave Hale starting the lead lid
The lifting fixture for the poly lid (10-13-99)