CDMS II Veto Electronics Shopping List

The present plans for the CDMS II Muon Veto call for 38 PMTs attached to 38 large scintillator panels plus two crack counters with a PMT each. The minimum # of high voltage lines and PMT signals we should expect is thus ~42. It probably makes sense to shop for 48 channels since most of the needed electronics come with 4, 8, or 16 individual channels.

The following is a list of possibly necessary components for the CDMS II Muon Veto. Each item in the list is a link to a page of possible solutions and price quotes.

Multichannel High Voltage Supply & Controller Card
-For providing and controlling high voltages to PMTs
-Some notes on our recent trial of CAEN's SY2527 HV Supply Crate
-Necessary for fanning-out PMT signals to multiple electronics modules
Adjustable Discriminators
-For the history buffer, scalars, and possibly for gating the veto ADCs
Scalars, Current Candidate Comparison Table
-For counting veto singles rates
Fast Veto ADCs
Scanning ADCs
Potential Veto Cabling