Instructions for downloading and running appplication

If you are using any flavor of WINDOWS or MAC, you can just click here from your web browser and choose to open the application from its current location. It will then bring up the RunControl GUI. You must have the Java runtime environment installed to be able to run this application.

If you are using any version of UNIX (including Linux), you can download and save the file in your favourite location. Then, run the application from command line by giving the command
java -jar gui.jar

Make sure, you save the gui.jar file instead of displaying the binary file on the screen. On most browsers, this would mean just clicking on the download link above. If the binary file is displayed on the screen, right clik on the download link and choose to save the target location to disk.

If the above
java -jar gui.jar
command doesn't work and complains that
java - command not found
java unknown command
, you either do not have the Java Runtime Environment from Sun Microsystems or do not have the path properly set. On windows 98, run
and on windows 2000 choose Environment variables from ControlPanel/ System Properties, to set the correct path, if you already have Java run time environment installed. On Unix computers, just set your path to something like
. That is typically where java installation resides. You may also be able to just set environment on Unix machines to

The full software package (gzipped tar file) can be downloaded here.

You can view the contents by following this link.

E-mail for support questions