Historical Fridge Plotter

The historical fridge plotter is a gui that is designed to make accessing fridge data from both the last few minutes and 6 months ago easy. The historical fridge plotter is able to display fridge data for any combination of selected variables during any given 24 hour period since January 1st 2003. This gui allows for easy zooming and rapid switching of displayed variables. The historical fridge plotter also has buttons that allow the user to save the current display as a jpg/png and print the current display. The user can zoom in or out using 'Time' and 'Y Range' controls. The user can type new values into themaximum and minimum allowed values as well as up/down arrows on the 'Time' and 'Y Range' max/min controls.

There are 2 small oddities in how this gui works that are well worth understanding.
  • The historical fridge plotter always returns fridge data for the 24 hour period ending in the 'Selected Data Time' when the user selects the 'Get Data' button.
  • To select a second (or third etc) variable to display, host control down when you click on the second variable.

  • The current historical fridge plotter should be thought of as a first version. I am looking for feedback as to what would make this gui more useful to you.

    Here is a screen shot of a historica fridge plotter:

    Last updated 7/18/03. Questions? Comments? Email: joel@hep.ucsb.edu.