CDMS DAQII Run Control

This is the main controller of the experiment which provides all the functionalities to the remote user interace (GUI) and controls various run state transitions. The Run Control issues the following six commands to the Local Slow Controls: config, run, pause, resume, stop, abort, which in turn perform their locale specific actions. For example, when the Run Control issues the config command to the GPIB Local Slow Control, that in turn performs the four actions of configuring all the Trigger Condition Boards (TCB), Trigger Logic Boards (TLB), Receiver Trigger Filters (TLB) and Front End Boards ((FEB).

A JAVA based Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided for controlling the experiment. The GUI has all the facilities to control various aspects of the experiment and displays useful information regarding the run, including errors.

The following are the main controls